V. Vernadsky. 2013. “Great Teachers of Humanity” Exhibition. “ETNOMIR” Cultural Education Center

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection

 “The geological history of the biosphere opens to the man a huge future if he understands it and does not use his mind and his work on self-destruction”

VLADIMIR IVANOVICH VERNADSKY – thinker, natural scientist, social activist, founder of the biosphere theory.  Years of life 1863-1945.

The researches of Vernadsky helped to understand the role of life and living material in geological processes. The Earth’s surface, atmosphere, greenalite rocks, landscapes are the result of life-sustaining activity of living organisms. According to Vernadsky, the man plays the leading role in the process of formation of image of our planet.

Way back in twenties of Twentieth Century V.I. Vernadsky paid the attention that person has heavy influence on the environment as well as transformation of the modern biosphere. Vernadsky believed that mankind as an integral part of biosphere would come to acknowledge of necessity of preserving all living on the Earth and embrace the reasonable management of living Earth’s Spheres, making the unite sphere, known as noosphere or sphere of mind. This concept Vernadsky represented in 1944.

The researches of scientist identified their time, and his ideas were in many ways prophetic. More than 700 of publish works influenced on the creation of scientific picture of the universe.

WORKS “Scientific Thought as a Planetary Phenomenon”, “Biosphere and noosphere”, “The Philosophical Thoughts of a Naturalist”; “The Beginning and Eternity of Life”; “Essays on the theory of science” and others.