Park Sculpture

Скульптура Взгляд из Атлантиды
Alexey Leonov
Muse of Sculpture (A View from Atlantis) 2007
Artificial stone
А. Леонов. Аполлон. Аллея муз в г. Киеве Искусственный камень
Alexey Leonov
Apollo. 2007
Artificial stone
муза танца
Vladimir Boroday
Muse of dance. Alley of the Muses on Obolonskaya embankment of the Dnieper in Kiev. 2007.
Artificial stone
муза живописи
Vasily Boroday
Muse of painting.2007.
Artificial stone
декоративные скульптуры
Vladimir Shevchenko.
Muse of music. 2007.
Artificial stone
заказать скульптуру цена
Vladimir Shevchenko
Muse of music. 2007.
Artificial stone
садовая скульптура купить
Alexey Leonov
St. Sergius of Radonezh with a bear. 2009.
Artificial stone
Император Акбар. г. Симферополь
Alexey Leonov
Emperor Akbar. 2009
Искусственный камень

“Every life arises within itself, but then develops, unfolds from the inside to the outside. Likewise, in good sculpture you always guess a strong internal impulse. ”

Auguste Rodin, French sculptor

Garden sculpture  the key image of an unusual concept of a relaxation zone

Park sculpture is a great way to add zest to landscape design, fill the space with meaning, and realize a conceptual idea. Such objects of art are installed both in private country houses and in public locations. They harmonize the landscape, make the composition of the garden, alley, park or relaxation area more complete and holistic. Modern park sculpture: materials and plots The choice of material is a very important stage, which directly depend the project cost and the durability of the art object that will be installed in the landscape gardening area. The most popular materials for creating sculptures are stone and bronze. The stone pedestals look impressive and monumental. They are guaranteed to attract attention. Bronze is characterized by high strength and durability – neither weather conditions or time will not destroy for such monuments. Garden and park sculpture differs from monumental in composition size, measuring topics. As a rule, compositions in the parks depict heroes and mythological characters, thereby singing the perfect proportions and beauty of the human body. The sculptural decorating parks and squares  tradition ensembles originated in ancient times. In Ancient Greece, there was even a tacit competition between the owners of beautiful parks and gardens – they competed with each other in the number of magnificent sculptures of the gods and the skill of the sculptor who implemented the project. In ancient times, sculpture in the park played not only an aesthetic role, but also was a kind of amulet. Most of the plots depicted the gods who were supposed to protect the home and its owner. Today, garden statues play a predominantly aesthetic role. Parks, gardens and squares in ancient times, and today are favorite places to relax. Therefore, the relevance of the sculptural decoration of such recreation areas is only gaining momentum, especially since today in Ukraine there is an active increase in the number of green relaxation spaces.

Park sculpture: photo and placement in the landscape

Large-scale park figures should be placed in the center. Most often, the plot revolves around allegorical tales, mythological characters and religious themes. Another popular trend is animal motifs. Such a park sculpture can be placed in secluded locations. Very often they are complemented by ensembles with fountains. The use of images of birds and fish is popular. At the entrance to the parks often put statues of sphinxes and lions. Also, sculptures can be placed at the stairs and benches.

Where to buy park sculptures ?

The manufacture of park sculptures is a complex multifaceted process, which includes not only sketching and direct implementation, but also many organizational issues. The masters of our studio approach the issue comprehensively. Indeed, in order for the park sculpture to have an organic and stylish look in the garden, emphasize the natural beauty and grandeur of nature, and also complement the landscape ensemble, the sculptor must take into account a lot of details. The main task of the client is to express his request, the mood of the future composition and the goal that he wants to achieve as simply and clearly as possible. The experience, skill and professionalism of the sculptor will help choose the best solution for each specific situation. You can buy a park sculpture in our author’s workshop. Sculptors work in different directions, styles and with different materials. There are no impossible tasks for us – we are working on projects of various scales and complexity.

Sculpture to order is not only a beautiful object of decor, but also a real work of art that will please the eye and give inspiration.

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Our team is ready to realize any of your ideas and create a unique park sculpture that will become a real decoration of your garden or park.