Titian. 2009

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: shamote
Location: Private collection

Titian Vecellio is an Italian artist, the brightest representative of the Venetian school of painting of the Renaissance.

Features of the work of the artist Titian Vecellio: virtuoso work with color, which allows you to depict both subtle mental states in portraits and grandiose dramatic events in paintings with mythological or religious subjects – for many generations of artists, the “color of Titian” will be the goal of creativity; first of all, it is the psychological depth, authenticity, emotionality of Titian’s portraits; using diagonal composition to create dynamics in large-scale scenes.

“It was a tall, stately mountaineer with a proud bearing and an eagle profile.” “By nature, Titian was silent, like a real mountaineer”… In the literature about Titian Vecellio’s work and life, he is often called “mountaineer”, Titian was a mountaineer by his birthplace – the fortress city of Pievi di Cadore in the northern Italian Dolomites, the area with a harsh climate and harsh customs.

Titian was a powerful and whole nature. His spirit and body were one, without any division. Only towards the end of the artist’s life, when the High Renaissance comes to an end, revealing the tragic contradictions between the world and man, Titian despairs of the “golden age”, which humanists wrote about, his late art takes on an alarming sound.
Famous paintings by Titian: “Dana”, “Venus of Urbino”, “Saint Sebastian”.