Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: ETNOMIR Cultural Education Center

“Appearance corresponds to the nature of the soul. The best remedy for all diseases is a strong will and a strong mind. Man is what he thinks”.



Swiss philosopher, naturalist, doctor .


The main historical significance of Paracelsus is the introduction of new remedies into medicine both mineral and vegetable origin. Paracelsus brought together chemistry and medical science, so the teachings of Paracelsus and his followers are called yatrochemistry (from the Greek. “Yatro” – doctor). He first looked at the processes occurring in a living organism, as chemical processes.

Due to the experiments of Paracelsus, it became possible to extinguish the outbreak of the plague in Sterzing in 1534. Paracelsus explained the nature and causes of silicosis, traditional dieses of miners. Generations of European doctors have studied on his books for several centuries.

According to the philosophy of Paracelsus, man must exist in harmony with nature, be good by spirit, soul and body. Violation of the mutual equilibrium of the main elements leads to illness. And this balance can be restored with the help of certain chemicals. The task of the doctor: to find out the relationship between the main elements in the patient’s body and restore the balance.

WORK “Great Book of Surgery” (1536).