Jesus. 2003.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection
Size: 43 х 32 х 30

The portrait is the first in the author’s series of portraits of Jesus Christ. This robot is distinguished by a special internal energy, a radiant, deep, lively look, sparkling with joy and optimism. Here Christ is the embodiment of that force that will constantly support and give hope for finding peace and harmony in any life situations.
“Be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect” (Matt. 5:48) is Christ’s testament to mankind. The life of Christ is an example of how humanity should perfectly live, how to live a life of service and give yourself to the world.
The purpose of human life, according to Christian teaching, is to achieve salvation. An intangible divine power, grace, helps to find it. The meaning of human life is to become worthy to receive it from God. It is Christ who becomes the source of grace through the church. Grace descends on a person through prayer and church sacraments, which ensures spiritual life. Only with the help of grace and with the exertion of the will can one comprehend true Christian love. The ideal of evangelical love is not achieved immediately, but as spiritual growth is associated with prayer and asceticism. True love, according to Christ, is not a sentimental experience and not emotions, but a strong-willed desire to do good and not do evil.
According to the commandments of Christ given during the Sermon on the Mount, those who have realized their dependence on God in everything will achieve inner bliss (happiness), those who have recognized their inner poverty and seek to be filled with God’s wisdom, those who consciously endure sorrows and hardships, injustice and persecution in the name of faith; those whose hearts are open to God and His world, those who, above all, seek God’s Kingdom. Among the necessary qualities that lead to blessedness, Jesus names the following: meekness, purity of heart, truthfulness, mercy, humility. Knowing the laws of life about the return of good deeds to good, and evil deeds to evil, will help a person to do the right thing in many ways.
Jesus Christ proclaimed the “good news” of the possibility of reaching the Kingdom of Heaven. The purpose of life in a supermundane existence is to follow the Heavenly Father, through redemption to find joy and the opportunity to live forever in the presence of God.