Zodiac signs. Aquarius

Zodiac signs. Aquarius

200000  грн.

The work opens the cycle “Zodiac Signs”, which presents 12 sculptures. The sculptural compositions depict children rising in a meditative state in the lotus position above their sign. We live in a period of change of eras.



At present, the Age of Aquarius is coming and amazing children are being born in the world. According to the spiritual teachings of the East, this era is characterized by the coming into the world of a thousand Buddhas. “Buddha” literally means: “awakened” or “enlightened”, that is, the one who completely purified his essence and opened the extraordinary possibilities of the spiritual nature of the God-man.

It is interesting that mankind has never experienced the Aquarius period and we are entering new energies for the first time, which require a real breakthrough to a new level of perception of the Universe. The Age of Aquarius will pass under the influence of the impulses of the distant but very powerful fiery planet Uranus, the symbol of the High Mind. In the new era, humanity must free itself from the chains of the material world, expand consciousness, develop a high level of concentration and reach a high level of spirituality in order to join the World Community. It is in the Age of Aquarius that what the best thinkers of the planet dreamed of should be realized – the exploration of space and acquaintance with its various forms of life.

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Children's sculpture, Zodiac signs