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Art is a self-expression of beauty in nature

About us

Welcome to authors’ sculpture website of the famous modern ukrainian sculptors, graduates of the Kyiv National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture — Aleksey Leonov, Vasily Boroday and Vladimir Shevchenko. We invite you to the world of modern professional sculpture. Sculptors Leonov, Boroday and Shevchenko offer the following author’s sculpture services: exclusive monuments, interior sculpture made of chamotte and bronze, making sculptures, creating bronze figurines, garden and park sculpture made of artificial stone, sculptures to order. The main distinctive feature of sculptor’s Leonov, sculptor’s Boroday, sculptor’s Shevchenko is the unique ability to capture the internal expression in the material, to express the energy of life. Sculptor’s Leonov, sculptor’s Boroday and Shevchenko are deep in content, light and harmonious in perception.

Monumental Sculpture
Park Sculpture
Bronze Interior Sculptures
Chamotte Interior Sculptures
Memorial Plaques

Open for cooperation

A group of professional sculptors is open to cooperation with unique creative projects in any type of sculpture:

* chamotte interior sculpture,
* monuments of marble chips,
* easel sculpture from chamotte,
* bronze monuments.

The main task of Alexey Leonov, Vladimir Shevchenko, Vasily Boroday is to serve beauty in all its manifestations. In their work, sculptors offer a unique approach: a large  selection of themes and images of world history and philosophy, embodiment in the form of high ideals, standards of beauty and wisdom of different nations. Each image of artists is light in perception and deep in content, brings harmony to the world, peace and faith in the future.

The group of sculptors also offer cooperation in the form of educational exhibitions, training courses, creative meetings, the creation of sculptures to order, the execution of monuments to order.

The professional form of cooperation covers all stages of creating a sculpture: from discussing the layout, sketching of the future image, sculpture, monument, determining the material to making the sculpture and installing the monument. Sculptors work confidently with any material: plasticine, fireclay, bronze, metal, marble chips.

Professionalism, honesty, high quality in short lines are the main principles of the work of sculptors Alexey Leonov, Vladimir Shevchenko, Vasily Boroday. “We offer cooperation in creation of unique art projects!”

Author’s sculpture is an exclusive art of our time. Surely, each of us had the idea of ​​decorating our house or country cottage with exclusive items. The author’s sculpture is able to add the feature you can build the entire design concept.

Custom sculptures are used to decorate terraces and alleys, to create designer compositions in personal plots, mini-versions of sculptures can be installed in houses and apartments. This is a great way to create an unusual, exclusive design that will not be repeated in any other house. Fantasy, professionalism and sculptor’s vision will allow to realize any fantasy. The sculptor can both create his own unique image and realize your wishes and projects.

Why is it worth ordering the manufacture of sculpture in our studio?

A good sculptor subtly feels the client’s request and implements any idea using artistic methods.
Individual approach. Making сustom sculptures is a complex process, in which both the client and the master actively participate. An individual approach allows us to realize any idea – as quickly and efficiently as possible. Style, techniques and materials can be very different – it all depends on your request.

Top-sculptors of Ukraine: Vasily Boroday, Vladimir Shevchenko and Alexey Leonov.

Vasily Boroday continued the work of his grandfather – the master of Ukrainian sculpture and the author of the monuments “Motherland” and “Founders of Kiev”. The sculptor creates laconic and meaningful sculptures, uses restrained compositional solutions and clear messages.
Impressionist sculptor Vladimir Shevchenko is the author of dynamic vibrant compositions that evoke emotions and reflections.

Alexei Leonov is an artist of multifaceted talent, an intuitive sculptor and cosmist, an admirer of truth, introducing images of the spiritual world into a material form. Active master of modern sculpture, mainly working in the field of monumental and easel sculpture. A brave innovator in art, perfectly owns the laws of the academic school. The author of many portraits of famous geniuses and discoverers, a unique exhibition “The Great Teachers of Humanity.” Mostly works in fireclay clay and bronze.

What types of sculptures we can create?

Garden and park products are used to decorate alleys, terraces, gardens, fountains, suburban areas and even the interiors of cottages. These are exclusive decorative elements, often made in the classical style.

The manufacture of monuments and sculptures is dedicated to famous people and heroes, as a guide to the high achievements and spiritual aspirations of mankind.

We create interior sculptures, portraits, bronze items, memorial tablets, Christian and Oriental sculptures, etc.

How do we work on the project?

Making sculptures goes through several stages:

● placing an order;
● discussion of the details of the future project with the sculptor;
● the creation of a model, layout, sketch or small copy is a mandatory step so that the client can imagine the future sculpture in three-dimensional space;
● approval of the project;
● creation of a sculpture and transfer to the customer.

The timing of the creation of the sculpture depends on the complexity of the concept, the scale of the project, the amount of work and the materials used. You can order an author’s sculpture in our workshop! Any level of complexity, creativity and implementation as soon as possible – you are guaranteed to enjoy the result!