Aries. Zodiac signs. 2023. Bronze

Aries. Zodiac signs. 2023. Bronze

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Скульптурна композиція  – одна із робіт циклу Знаки Зодіаку, що представляє маленьких Бодхісатв, які підносяться у медитативному стані в позі лотосу над своїм символічним знаком.



Inspired, enraptured by a new idea, the girl rises above the symbolic sign of Aries and raises her arms in aspiration, directly expressing her desire to be the first, to sow her talents and shine with her actions in such a simple and childlike way. So much is expressed in this simple gesture – an open heart, sincerity, optimism, burning and the desire to achieve what is intended – all these are the main qualities of representatives of the Zodiac Sign of Aries.

The eternal mystery of where and how life originates lies precisely in the constellation Aries. On a cosmic scale, Aries begins a new cycle in nature. This segment in space characterizes the first impulse of life, a powerful impulse and a high will to live. The sculptural composition symbolically reflects this impulse of the manifestation of the universe. Representatives of this fire sign bring to Earth the energy that does not give rest to anyone around. With their faith and willpower, they embrace everyone who comes into their attention. In this way, Aries transmit a colossal charge of energy, impulsively and joyfully organize and ignite with their enthusiasm for the realization of a common cause. But implementation and detailing will already fall on the shoulders of other representatives of the zodiac sign, for example, the earth element. However, it is difficult to even find more generous, kind, sincere, fair and faithful people than Aries.

In the sculpture, the idea that the key to the spiritual growth of Aries should be selected through the development of powerful energy in order to discover the truth, to shift attention from the achievement of earthly goals to the global and cosmic sphere is quite clearly expressed in the sculpture.

The image of the girl is attractive in its purity and reveals an ancient Buddhist legend about the promised time when a thousand Buddhas will descend on Earth. These enlightened minds – Bodhisattvas, the real leaders of cosmic evolution will be born to establish peace and harmony on Earth, will bring knowledge and spiritual revelations. With the birth of Bodhisattvas on Earth will come an era of goodness and flourishing of spirituality.

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Children's sculpture, Zodiac signs