Zeus the Thunderer. 2005.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection
Size: 80 х 40 х 30

The three-dimensional art of sculpture is designed to glorify the greatest images of gods and heroes, making them closer to human perception. Zeus the Thunderer sculpture – the image is one of the most popular in the visual arts.

Who is Zeus? According to ancient Greek myths, Zeus is the main God in the Olympic pantheon, the Almighty of the world, the God of thunder and lightning. Only thanks to his mother Rhea Zeus was saved from destruction by his father, and in Athens he defeated his evil father Kron and led Olympus.

 The most famous  the Zeus the Thunderer  Sculpture is of the ancient Greek sculptor Phidias. In honor of Zeus, the inhabitants of Athens decided to hold the Olympic Games every four years. And over time – decorate your city with a statue of the Thunderer. Zeus sculpture at Olympia was created by the sculptor Phidias for about ten years and was discovered in 435 BC. Zeus sculpture – contemporaries relate to one of the wonders of the world. The statue was a huge half-naked Zeus sitting on the throne up to 18 meters high, a wreath crowned his head, in one hand the sculptor placed the Victory goddess – Gold Nick, in the other – a symbol of power – a scepter with an eagle. Amazed not only the size, but also the expensive materials of the sculpture: gold, ivory, ebony, inlaid with precious stones.

Zeus the Thunderer” sculpture in  2005 Alexey Leonov attracts with the pronounced expression, internal movement and powerful energy that the figure of Zeus possesses. Soaring in the sky, with a symbolic gesture pointing to the sky, Zeus appears before the viewer as the arbiter of the Supreme Law and Lord of heaven. The eagle enhances the inner message – the power and strength of the portrayed God. Zeus sculpture is a affirming the triumph and supremacy of the highest Law of Genesis.