Libra. Zodiac signs. 2019, shamote

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: shamote
Location: Private collection

A Libra girl sits in the lotus position, focused on concentration and balancing two bowls in her hands – harmonizing her inner energies. In a balanced state, Libra will be able to bring the necessary energies of their Constellation into the world, namely: high aspirations, a subtle sense of beauty, friendliness, honesty. Libras, although they have vulnerable energy, are endowed with intelligence, talents and a broad outlook. For representatives of the Sign, it is important to establish connections, to combine parts into a single whole. It is Libra who most often act as mediators in reconciling people and achieving cooperation. Cooperation and diplomacy are the priority concepts in the lives of Libras, which are the motto of representatives of the sign.
At this time, nature is in the period of the autumnal equinox – all living things sink deep into themselves – develop spiritually with external passivity. Above all, the representatives of the Sign value calm, harmonious relationships and do not like confrontations, they are quite sensitive to other people’s opinions and criticism. Conscientious and open-minded Libras, as representatives of the element of air, try to achieve balance in order to realize their life mission: through the manifestation of higher love, to harmonize cosmic energies with earthly ones – to find the path of true sages of the “golden mean”.
The sculptural composition represents one of the works of the “Zodiac Signs” cycle and illustrates an ancient Buddhist legend about the promised time when a thousand Buddhas will descend on Earth. These enlightened consciousnesses, the true guides of cosmic evolution, are born to establish peace and harmony on Earth, to bring knowledge and spiritual revelations