Tolstoy Lev. 2011

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Шамот
Location: КОЦ "ЭТНОМИР"


“The greatest truths are simple.



Famous Russian writer, enlightener, publicist, sage.


Lev Tolstoy had great influence on the evolution of European humanism as well as the development                of realistic traditions in the world literature. Lev Tolstoy confirmed that the person is free by accident of birth. He was one of the first landowners who gave manumission the farmworkers before the reform of 1861 (Emancipation Edict). Tolstoy founded the country school in his estate. He taught, basing on the following theory: “Freedom is a criterion of pedagogics.” Tolstoy considered himself as Russo and Lao Tzu and he also became the teacher for many great people, particularly Mahatma Gandhi considered Lev Tolstoy as his teacher.

Tolstoy held that freedom from violence is available by the means of non-resistance to evil, refusal from any kind of fight through the personal self-perfection. He marked: “Only non-resistance to evil by violence leads mankind to replace the law of violence by the law of love.”

WORKS “War and peace”; “Resurrection”; trilogy: “Childhood”; “Boyhood”; “Youth”; “Power of Darkness”; “Confession”; “What is my faith?”