Taurus Zodiac signs. 2021. shamote

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: shamote
Location: Частное собрание

The Taurus boy in a meditative state balances and calms the chaotic energies around him with a hand gesture. A calm, concentrated face expresses complete peace and detachment from worldly life. As a representative of the earth element – consistent, gradual and balanced in everything, Taurus expresses the fundamental energy of stability – the accumulation of significant vital forces to create the material base of life. Esoterically, the material manifestation of life took place on Earth during the rather long Taurus epoch. Symbolically, Taurus is the transformation of the first impulse into an effort to achieve development.
The sculptural composition is one of the works of the cycle Signs of the Zodiac, representing small Bodhisattvas who rise in a meditative state in the lotus position above their symbolic sign. According to the spiritual teachings of the East, the current era is characterized by the arrival of a thousand Buddhas – enlightened consciousnesses – into the world. “Buddha” literally means: “awakened” or “enlightened”, that is, one who has completely purified his essence and discovered the extraordinary possibilities of the spiritual nature of the God-man.
Representatives of the Sign show great perseverance, diligence, and activity in the work process. They always do things carefully, slowly, but with great love. Greater romantics than Taurus are not to be found. Their soft, gentle nature, at the same time persistent, conscientious, calm, definitely deserves great respect as reliable colleagues and loyal friends.