Sacred flute. Krishna. 2004

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: chamotte
Location: Частное собрание

When adharma – the opposite Law of righteousness – begins to rule the world, the Sons of Light come to help to establish cosmic balance. The arrival of God on Earth in the form of Krishna became the decisive force that returned the history of India and the world as a whole to the path of purification and spiritual search. “Bhagavat-Gita” (“Song of the Lord”) contains the main provisions of the Teachings of Krishna.

Krishna calls for the realization of the cosmic law of dharma, which leads to the realization of one’s eternal nature and eternal connection with God. Dharma as the basis of morality involves the implementation of five principles: knowledge, love, justice, devotion and patience. Knowledge calms the mind, patience reconciles the mind, love – the heart. Serving God fulfills material needs and reconciles the body. Justice soothes the soul. When the mind, heart, body and soul of a righteous person are at peace, they are capable of compassion. Confessing dharma, a person comes to realize himself as an eternal soul, he is enlightened by the understanding that everything was created by God and everything is in the absolute power of God, he sees the manifestation of God’s will everywhere. One who has realized this truth will not allow cruelty towards other people or animals.

Krishna preaches the idea of immortality, the indestructibility of the Higher Self of man. It is eternal, because it is part of God, immortal and eternal. Krishna describes the process of the divine creation of the Cosmos, reveals the ways of liberation, the ways of merging with the highest Divine Nature. He claims that He will meet everyone on the path of improvement. Everyone has to go through all stages of self-purification in one way or another. The sculptural composition expresses the appeal of the Divine Game, which calls and captures souls to the spiritual world to realize their nature with pure love for God the Creator.