Savior Not Made by Hands.. 2004.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: chamotte
Location: Private collection
Size: 47 х 46,5 х 3,5

A special type of image of Jesus Christ is Ceramidion, which represents His face on a “chrepia” – on a clay board or tile. The creation of this image is connected with the story recorded in the Chetya Minea, about the healing of the leprosy of King Avgar V Ukkam from Mesopotamia. The artist-archivist Hannan sent by him failed to depict Christ, and the Savior washed his face, wiped it off with a cloth and handed the canvas to the artist, on which His image remained. Having received the portrait, Avgar was healed of his illness. Saving the image of the Savior Not Made by Hands from destruction, it was walled up in the walls of the city of Edessa for several centuries. In the 6th century, the Image Not Made by Hands was opened and it was found that a holy face was also displayed on the clay board that covered the niche.