Socrates. 2010

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: ETNOMIR Cultural Education Center


  1. c. 469 – 399 BCE

Ancient Greek philosopher, teacher of Plato

CORE IDEAS Socrates is called the first philosopher in the proper sense of the word. Through the works of Socrates, the philosophical thinking for the first time appeals to itself, exploring its own principles and techniques. The main idea of Socrates’ philosophy is self-knowledge as the path to wisdom; his motto shaped a Delphic maxim: “Know yourself.” The main method of Socrates was the dialogue of man with his inner voice, the dialogue between people, contributing to the awakening of the soul.

He taught how to live according to conscience and in accordance with civic duty. Socrates guided to the correct solutions of moral and political issues. He saw “true good” in the fact that life is consistent with the truth. In matters of ethics, Socrates developed the principles of rationalism, arguing that virtue stems from knowledge, and a person who knows what good is will not do wrong.

CONTRIBUTION Socrates made the main turning point in the development of the spirit of mankind – an appeal to self.

“I know that I know nothing.”

“It would be better for me… that multitudes of men should disagree with me rather than that I, being one, should be out of harmony with myself.”