Scorpius. Zodiac signs. 2023. Bronze.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: bronze
Location: Private collection

The Scorpio boy in a meditative state turns to his heart with a hand gesture and reconciles the chaotic forces around him. A calm inspired face expresses complete peace. The energy of one of the most strong-willed signs determines the secret of birth and death, stimulates the transformation of the human spirit. It is not by chance that in nature during the birth of Scorpios, all life seems to hold its breath as if it freezes, but in fact – a new development takes place amid old forms. Such a strong impulse gives representatives of the Sign a rather active vitality – resistance to life’s troubles.
As a representative of the element of water, Scorpio is emotional beyond measure, quite deep, intuitive, talented, sensual, capable of divination, and at the same time the most stable among water representatives. Scorpio is an example of endurance and self-control, able to withstand life’s blows chivalrously and achieve fairly high performance and success in any, even quite difficult, business. Scorpions are best able to preserve and increase the old heritage of humanity. Healing and management of the Earth’s elements are also under the power of mystical Scorpions, because they are magicians from birth. They have the power to transform entire nations, despite the external cold – in their hearts, Scorpios are ready to protect the disadvantaged, they can absorb the ocean of human grief, which they transform in their hearts into world-scale mercy. For their special insight, they are loved by those around them and are ready to pour out their souls with the hope of support, which they will certainly receive.
The sculptural composition is one of the works of the Zodiac Signs cycle, representing small Bodhisattvas who rise in a meditative state in the lotus position above their symbolic sign. According to the spiritual teachings of the East, the current era is characterized by the arrival of a thousand Buddhas – enlightened consciousnesses – into the world. “Buddha” literally means: “awakened” or “enlightened”, that is, one who has completely purified his essence and discovered the extraordinary possibilities of the spiritual nature of the God-man.