Roxolana and Suleiman. 2005.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection
Size: 60,5 х 47,5 х 20

A great love story is a real precious treasure in the history of mankind. This is a story about the extraordinary power of true love and devotion, which creates an entire universe and brings prosperity to everything it touches. In the sculpture, the author consciously expresses the image of Roksolana, the inspirer of the great ruler, whose high aspirations and spiritual searches became a rich basis for the development and aspirations of her beloved husband, which led to the unprecedented development of the entire state.
A woman’s high spirituality is the basis of full-fledged and multifaceted development of both the family and entire countries. Instead, humiliation and disrespect of one of the parties leads to complete decline.
Roksolana is a historical figure of the 16th century. Anastasia Gavrylivna Lisovska is an ordinary Ukrainian girl from Rohatyn, who was destined to become a privileged khatun, the beloved wife of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Known as Haseki Gürem Sultan, Roksolana became one of the most influential women in the history of the Ottoman Empire, the founder of the era of the female sultanate and a world-renowned patron.
The first Haseki Sultan passed the way from a captive who was bought in the market as a gift for the harem to the beloved wife of Suleiman I. During her reign, Roksolana’s good and sincere heart was generous to those who needed help. With her own money, she built schools, hospitals for women, mosques and kitchens in Turkey, Jerusalem, even in Mecca and Medina, took care of the situation of women in harems. She gave birth to the heir to the throne – the son of Selim II.
“She was such a woman that her eyes penetrated my heart; lips, in my mind. I wouldn’t trade even a single look for anything in this world. Every time she said Suleiman, I was transported to heaven. She was not only a woman – she was poetry, a flower, my love, my sultana, she was everything!” – these words, according to legend, were uttered by Sultan Suleiman in front of the Divan (Parliament) after the death of his beloved Roksolana-Khurem.
The bright image of a wise and majestic woman shines brightly for all future generations, inspiring the imitation of Roksolana in her courage, wisdom and loyalty, love and devotion to charity.