Wilhelm Richard Wagner. 2012

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Chamotte
Location: "ETNOMIR" Cultural Education Center

“Joy is not in things; it is in us”


WILHELM RICHARD WAGNERgerman composer, humanist, art theorist, opera reformer (1813-1883).

Wagner considered his art as a synthesis and a method of expressing   a certain  philosophical concept.

Wagner’s innovation in the sphere of harmony is generally recognized.   He enriched the tonality he inherited from the Viennese classics and early romantics by intensifying chromatism and modal alterations. The master’s last creation is “Parsifal” (1882) as an attempt to present musically and histrionically the utopia of universal brotherhood, where wisdom, justice and

The Ring of the Nibelung and the work of Wagner became the mobilizing impetus for German people that united politicians, the intellectuals and the whole society.

Wagner’s opera reform had a significant impact on European and Russian music, marking the highest era of musical romanticism and at the same time laying the foundations for future modernist movements.