Ramakrishna. 2004.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: chamotte
Location: Частное собрание
Size: 52 х 49 х 27

“I have practiced all forms of religions: Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and various forms of Hindu sects. I realized that they lead to God, but in different ways. The substance is one with different names, and everyone is looking for the same thing. Go with a sincere and pure heart through any gate, and you will reach the sources of eternal bliss. But don’t say that your religion is better than others,” said Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa (1836-1886), summing up his spiritual practices as a unity of religions.

An Indian reformer of Hinduism, mystic, preacher and public figure, one of the most respected religious leaders of India believed that a single religion was needed for the regeneration of India and all humanity, and preached the spiritual kinship of all spiritual disciples. Sri Ramakrishna formulated the main requirement of religious ethics – not renunciation of the world, but fulfillment of one’s duties. God-realization is the highest goal of human life, as only this can bring the highest joy and harmony. God is one, He is both personal and impersonal at the same time known by different names in different religions, which are true in so far as they are capable of leading to the realization of absolute truth. Purity of mind, chastity is the main condition for realizing God. God’s mercy can save even a hopeless person. Along with faith in God, a positive attitude towards life is necessary, instead of resorting to self-condemnation or despair. God lives in all people, so all people should be treated with respect.

The significance of Sri Ramakrishna’s activities lies in the fact that he is the first and only saint who consistently attained enlightenment through various teachings and denominations. He showed that all religions lead to the one God, some more slowly, others faster. Sri Ramakrishna appeared on the historical scene at a time when India was going through a severe spiritual crisis. The result of Sri Ramakrishna’s life path was the revival of not only Hinduism, but also other religious traditions, in particular Christianity, he proved them to be true by the method of his direct spiritual experience.