Cancer. Zodiac signs. 2023. Bronze.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: bronze
Location: Private collection

The girl, with all her childish confidence, raises her palms up with complete delight, as if basking in the rays of the Sun. In her dreams, she reaches beyond the edge of reality and reaches a wonderful world of miracles. From there, it brings new ideas, new opportunities for the manifestation of beauty to our manifested world. The sculpture presents a deep state of dreaminess, a subtle sense of beauty, a deep understanding of people and their mental movements – feelings. All this is characteristic of representatives of the Cancer Zodiac Sign.

The sculptural composition from the cycle “Zodiac Signs” traditionally depicts a small Bodhisattva rising in a meditative state in the lotus position above her sign. According to the spiritual teachings of the East, now is the time when thousands of Buddhas are born in the world, those who have completely purified their essence and discovered the extraordinary possibilities of the spiritual nature of the God-man.

In nature, the period of Cancer is the time of the greatest solar activity, the Summer Solstice occurs and the day gradually begins to decrease. Cancer is characterized by the energy of a powerful force of impulse, it can be symbolically compared to a source that feeds everything around and grows into a full-flowing river. As representatives of the water element, Cancers live by emotions. Caring for someone, bringing care into the world is the essence of their nature. It is natural that Cancer is associated with lineage, ancestors, genocode, deep memory of the beginning and end of life and past incarnations. The soulfulness and devotion of Cancers, although it is difficult to earn, but they are real and have no limits.