Joy. 2018

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Шамот
Location: Частное собрание

“Joy”. 2018, fireclay.

Joy in the image of a beautiful woman is life itself, filled with ringing joy, like the string of Heaven. The sculptural composition was created under the impression of K. Antarova’s books “Two Lives” and resembles a chapel of joy.

“Life is joy. The whole strength of the day lies in the fact that you can enjoy beauty without oppression in your heart, that you freely and calmly admire the beauty of the world and people. Conquer in love – and you will conquer everything. Seek joyfully – and everything will answer you. Your every smile will accelerate your victory and unleash your strength … Only the joyful one sees clearly and can act to the fullest extent of things. Joy is an invincible force! ” (Antarova K. Two Lives).