Путь к Отцу. 2007

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Шамот
Location: Частное собрание

The path to the Father. 2006. Chamotte

The sculpture captured the moment of childish delight from the illumination of the highest idea in an impulse to the Heavenly Father. The girl froze, as if in flight, in front of her wise Teacher – Jesus Christ. The symbolic cross in the center of the composition is the acceptance of all the difficulties of your life on the way to the Father. Striving to the spiritual world, as on the wings of childish enthusiasm, will carry over all trials to the grace-filled House of the Heavenly Father.

Jesus Christ by his example and commandments showed the direct path to the Heavenly Father. In a child’s mind, it is very important to lay the veneration of the sacred image of the spiritual Teacher, to cultivate adherence to the commandments of Christ, to instill a sense of the Teacher’s presence, the ability to always firmly hold his leading hand – all this will lay the most important foundation for the further spiritual path of a person.