Pokrova. 2006.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection
Size: 75 х 50 х 35

Bridge of Unity

The protection of the Holy Mother of God represents the bridge of unity on the way to the one heavenly temple. The unique author’s solution of the holy image is a symbol of the unification of all Christian churches under the Protection of the Mother of God. The covering freely falls to the Earth with steps – which indicate the way to the only Truth – the only divine temple.

Although the author’s solution to the image of the Intercession is based on the traditions of Byzantine icon painting, it is characterized by originality and relevance

The Holy Protection is a symbol of the highest will – the supreme patronage of all who seek to develop and follow a spiritual path. The beautiful, graceful face of the Mother of God expresses a boundless prayerful state of peace and pacification. The entire image of the patron saint radiates tender love, boundless mercy, sorrow, and compassion. The holy image of a caring mother comforts and soothes, giving hope and strength to overcome everything. After all, from whom should we look for salvation and protection, if not from our Heavenly Mother? Her eternal love will envelop everyone who turns to Her. Her sacred prayer heals and protects with invincible power, in which the victorious Ukrainian Cossacks so sincerely believed.