Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Chamotte
Location: "ETNOMIR" Cultural Education Center

“The mind, once expanded its boundaries, will never return to its former”.


PATANJALI – Indian yogi, famous author of the “Yoga Sutras” – the main treatise on hatha yoga (II century B.C.).


He expounded yoga as the art of mind training with the help of special gymnastics, breathing exercises and concentration. Yoga is a method of achieving the unity of the living spirit with God, finding the state of enlightenment. Patanjali nominally divided the path of the yoga into eight levels. The achievement of the levels leads to samadhi (enlightenment). He described the technique of performing asanas (poses) of yoga, pranayama – breathing exercises, meditation – training the mind.

He collected ancient philosophies in the famous work of the Yoga Sutras. This work is the main description of the essence and methods of yoga for more than two thousand years. Patanjali is honored in India not only as a saint, yogi and sage, but also as a great dancer and doctor. Patanjali is attributed with one of the Ayurveda treatises regarding the diagnosis of diseases, the functions of the human body, as well as the healing properties of plants and how they are used.