Park Jae Woo. 2019

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Шамот
Location: КОЦ "ЭТНОМИР"

“Our body, by itself, without additional tools is able to heal itself”.

Park Jae Woo

1942 – 1910

Korean professor, founder of alternative directions of medicine Su Jok therapy (acupuncture) and Onnuri medicine.

Su Jok therapy is, first of all, comprehension of the basic laws of life, as well as a method of treatment – a synthesis of classical Western science and medicine of ancient times of the East.

In an effort to bring everything to perfection, the professor, already a mature scientist, abandoned the usual path and became interested in the study of acupuncture. He discovered the amazing resemblance of the hand to the human body, and the thumb to the head and realized that this was the key to a new direction in acupuncture. The professor called his method simply – Su Jok, which means in translation from Korean “brush-foot”, working with the points of which, you can significantly improve well-being and achieve healing. Su Jok therapy has developed into a harmonious and perfect system of knowledge about a person and the world.

Park Jae-woo also discovered treatments such as Twist Therapy, Smile Therapy, Smile Meditation, Trinity theory, Triorigin acupuncture and chronopuncture methods. According to the universal law of the Triorigin Model, in any unit of existence there are four forces: Hetero, Homo, Neutro and Neuto. The proportions and interaction of these forces determine the properties and characteristics of the functioning of each unit of existence.

Major works: “The World of Trinity”, “Su Jok therapy”, “Thumb – the head”, “Su Jok acupuncture”, “Space energies”, “Time energies”, etc.