P. Florensky. 2013

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: ETNOMIR Cultural Education Center


“My very love is the action of God in me and me in God, for the unconditional truth of God reveals itself in love”.

PAVEL FLORENSKYthe largest representative of Russian religious philosophical thought, the “new Leonardo da Vinci”. (1882 — 1937).

The peculiarity of the religious and philosophical position of Florensky is his desire to find a moral basis for the freedom of spirit in the domination of Orthodox religious dogmas and authorities. The core of religious and philosophical issues of P. Florensky is the concept of “metaphysical unitotality” and “sophiology”. His intention is to build a “concrete metaphysics” based on the gathering of world religious and scientific experience – a complete picture of the world. The basis of P. Florensky’s theological theory is the concept of Sophia, the Wisdom of God, the universe reality, the creative love of God. Developing the ideas of cosmism, Florensky deepens the theme of the struggle between the cosmic forces of the order – Logos and Chaos. The supreme example of a highly organized, increasingly complex force is the Man who stands at the center of the salvation of the world.

WORKS “The Pillar and Ground of the Truth”, “At the Watersheds of Thought: The Elements of a Concrete Metaphysics”, “The Philosophy of the Cult”, “Questions of Religious Self-Knowledge”, “Iconostasis”.