Fiery thoughts. 2013.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Bronze, marble
Location: Private collection
Size: 53 х 38 х 22

The goddess of mercy and compassion White Tara fills the world with creative power with beautiful thought-creation. Her mental images, like fiery birds, fly away into the distance, into the world space for the benefit of all beings.
The sculptural composition was created under the impression of a painting by N.K. Roerich’s “Fiery Thoughts” 1934.
“Thought is the supreme factor of Being. Thought is a manifestation of real happiness. Thought is the creator. Understand the depth of the meaning of thought. Let us affirm the dignity of thought. Thought is the fire of Jehovah. Thought is what and from which everything is created. The substance of thought is a radiant-shining substance. “