Muse of philosophy. 2006.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection
Size: 77 х 27 х 25

In a sculptural work, Oleksiy Leonov expressed his feelings about the wonderful muse of the Muse of Philosophy. 2006 was extremely fruitful for the author in the creation of ancient Greek philosophers. At that time, he plunged into the depths of the thoughts of Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and created original works. The sculptor felt a powerful energy that inspired great thinkers to learn the truth. The energy was soft, light, warm, strong, inspired, i.e. with dominant female qualities.

The sculpture, which was created under the influence of this condition, has pronounced ideal forms of the female figure, perfect, beautiful facial features. Light, weightless, it flies in space. In his hands – a stack – a sculptor’s working tool and parchment paper, on which, obviously, the foundations of world truths are written. It is to those who managed to earn the attention of the Muse that she conveys her revelations. Her presence is valuable because only a few people reach her grace.