Prayer. 2009.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Chamotte
Location: Private collection
Size: 74 х 35,5 х 17

In the sculpture “Prayer”, Oleksiy Leonov incorporated an unworldly state of mind in the image directed to the spiritual world of a child holding a book tightly to their heart…

The image of a child is appealing for its purity and ability to believe in miracles. A child’s unwordly aspiration is the result of their centuries old spiritual experience. Enlightened consciousnesses, the true creators of cosmic evolution, they come to Earth to initiate peace and harmony, to spread knowledge and spiritual revelations among partakers and future generations.

The general idea and strong impulse of inner sincere prayer captivate by the depth and purity of its aspiration. The nimbus around the child – the light of the aura, an exceptional state of inner concentration, pacification and spiritual search. A child glows from within, radiating spirituality into the world. The whole figure of the child is directed upwards, the eyelids of the eyes are closed in prayer, the smile is alighted by the joy of higher communication. The child’s beauty, purity of the image transfer the viewer into the World of the Spirit.