Mikhail Lomonosov. 2010

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: ETNOMIR Cultural Education Center

“I value one experience higher than a thousand opinions born solely out of imagination”


MIKHAIL VASILYEVICH LOMONOSOV –  first Russian natural scientist of world importance, encyclopedist, chemist and physicist,

poet, astronomer, artist, historian (1711-1765)


Mikhail Lomonosov is a genius Russian scientist, who made great contribution on many branches of natural science. He designed the project of Moscow University, subsequently named after him. Discovered the presence of the atmosphere in planet of Venus.

The bright example of “Homo universalis”. Discoveries of Lomonosov enriched many branches of knowledge. He was the first chemist, who gave a definition physical chemistry; his molecular-kinetic theory of heat in many ways anticipated the modern understanding of the structure of matter. Founder of scientific navigation and physical chemistry; Lomonosov laid the foundations of the science of glass. Investigated atmospheric electricity and gravity. He advanced the theory of color. Created a series of optical devices.

WORKS “Spiritual Odes”; “Morning Meditation on God’s Majesty”; poem “Peter the Great”, “Polidor”, “Tamara and Selim”, “Demofont”, “About benefits of church books in Russian language”; “The word about the benefits of chemistry” (1751), “Word about the air phenomena occurring from electrical force” and others.