Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Шамот
Location: КОЦ "ЭТНОМИР"


“The fruits of my labor – especially in the scientific fame,  the pride – not one of my personal, but also the overall Russian …» 



Russian scientist and encyclopaedist: chemist, physicist, metrologist, economist, technologist,

geologist, meteorologist, teacher, aeronaut, instrument maker

 Mendeleev’s periodic law proved that chemical elements are consistently connected with each other and make exact system. Known chemical elements (64) Dmitri Mendeleev arranged in the form of a table, which was called the Table of Mendeleev.

Working on the work “Fundamentals of Chemistry”, he discovered one of the fundamental laws of nature – the Periodic Law of Chemical Elements. Predicted the existence, calculated the atomic masses and described the properties of 11 more elements – gallium, scandium, germanium and others.

Opened the theory of absolute boiling point of liquids. Designed pycnometer; a device for determining the density of a liquid. Created a hydrated theory of solutions. Found the general equation of state of an ideal gas. He put forward a hypothesis of the origin of oil from carbides of heavy metals.

WORKS “Organic Chemistry” (1861), “Fundamentals of Chemistry” (1869-1871), more than 500 works.