Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Шамот
Location: Частное собрание

MOTHER OF THE WORLD. 2020. Chamotte.

The Great Image of the Holy Mother was created based on N. Roerich’s painting “Mother of the World” (1924). In contrast to the image of the picture, the sculpture of the Mother of the World has an open face – a symbol of the coming of the Epoch of the Mother of the World – Satya Yuga – the cherished time of affirming purity and righteousness.

The East devotes many hymns to the Mother of the World: “… You, Who Weaved the yarn of the Far Worlds, You, the Messenger of the unspeakable, the Sovereign of the Elusive … Through the history of mankind, Her hand draws an unbreakable thread. At Sinai, the voice of the Mother of the World sounded. The image of Kali was accepted, the basis of Isis, Istar. After Atlantis, when Lucifer struck a blow to the Cult of the Spirit, the Mother of the World began a new thread that shone now. ” (Space legends of the East. M., 1991, p. 164).