Mary Magdalene. 2006.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection


The sculptural composition represents the portrait of Mary as an example of selfless service and faithfulness to the teachings of Christ. There was a special connection between Mary and Christ. Mary’s devotion was boundless, and her education and ability to deeply understand the sacred essence of Christ’s teachings enabled Mary to become a chosen disciple who could convey the teachings accurately.

Magdalene was faithful to Christ in moments of His glory and at the moment of the greatest trial on Calvary. On a bright Sunday, the Risen Christ appeared to Mary and told her to go to the apostles and tell them the good news about the teacher’s resurrection. Mary Magdalene went with them after the Ascension of Christ, when the apostles left Jerusalem to preach to all corners of the world. According to tradition, she preached in Rome. From there, already elderly Mary Magdalene moved to Ephesus, where the holy apostle John worked, it was from her words that the apostle wrote the 20th chapter of his Gospel.