Leo. 2021. shamote

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: shamote
Location: Private collection

The Lion boy sits in a lotus position with a prayerful gesture of appeasement and greeting. The inspired joyful face of the Bodhisattva, the enlightened consciousness, testifies to his openness and willingness to cooperate. The author depicted the sculpture of the Lion, expressing the main essence of the energies of the Sign. Leo is a sign of the Sun and fire, symbolizes the solar plexus of the Cosmic Man. Strong will and strong character are the basis of the activity of each Leo. Having a strong internal foundation, representatives of the Sign will never act against their own will, views, beliefs, worldview. Secondary roles, titles or positions are not for Leo. Everything – and to the maximum, forward and upward, in the forefront to the top – such is the progressive nature of Lviv.

Despite excessive gullibility, Lions are always ready to rush into battle. Each Leo has huge inner strengths in the depths of his soul, and if they can be awakened, then he is capable of any feat. Even if the Leo is harsh at some point, then in reality he is very good-natured, never loses his prudence and his natural cheerfulness.