Krishna. 2010

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: "ETNOMIR" Cultural Education Center

“He who is not attached to anything in the material world, who is not that happy when something good happens to him, and is not angry when something bad happens, has an absolute knowledge.” Bhagavad Gita.


 God of the Indian pantheon, the personification of the Supreme Cosmic Mind, years of life – about 5,000 years BC.

The essence of the teaching is expressed in the admonition of Krishna to his disciple Arjuna, recorded in the Indian epic “Bhagavat Gita.” Krishna describes a picture of the divine creation of the cosmos, clearly indicates the path of liberation, merging with the highest Divine Nature, gives the essence of the reincarnations of the human soul. Krishna preached mercy to others. He affirmed the idea of immortality, based on the eternity of the human “Higher Self”, since the human soul is a part of God. Krishna as the personification of the Absolute asserts that He will meet everyone on the path of perfection, any creature will have to take the path of self-purification and ascent sooner or later.

Krishna, according to legend, became the guiding force that turned the history of India into the mainstream of purification and spiritual quest. The Kurukshetra field, where the battle described in the Mahabharata took place, is a symbol of the battle of the Spirit. The teaching given by Krishna turns into a guide for all times and instructs humanity on how to walk along a steep and thorny path of ascent.