Isis. 2004. Chamotte.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection
Size: 77 х 15,5 х 24

Isis is the daughter of Ra, the beautiful and wise goddess of fertility. Isis, in Egyptian mythology, is the ideal woman. She is able to help her husband Osiris in the most difficult matters, but at the same time she never asserts ownership of the fame of her husband, remaining in the shadows. Isis treats her husband like a god. She admires him, his abilities, talents, bows before his wisdom.

Isis loves – this is her main trait of character. She loves not for something and not for some reason. She simply loves because she cannot help but love. Isis equally loves Osiris when he is a powerful God, and when he became a humiliated exile, deprived of everything, even life. The ability to love Isis demonstrates not only in relation to her husband, but also to the son of Horus, to all those who help her, along with all those whom she sees suffering. The love of Isis is declared even to the fiercest enemy of Setu, she cannot destroy him at the moment when he asks for her help, when he appeals to her love, because he is her brother. The love of Isis is so powerful that it is able to originate love and better feelings in the hearts of others who may not be very good at first and do not know how to love much, but eventually open their hearts.