Harmony. 2013.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection
Size: 51 х 30 х 28,5

“Belief in oneself and the pursuit of truth form harmony.” (Olena Roerich)

What is the foundation for the truly beautiful? Harmony! When the ocean of the inner world is covered with even a light breeze of minute anxiety, beauty fades. Inner balance and calmness are the basis of true beauty.

In the sculpture from the “Harmony” series, the sculptor Oleksiy Leonov embodied the appeasement state of mind.

The image of a child is appealing not only for its purity – a symbol of true harmony, but also for the opportunity to express an ancient Buddhist legend about a cherished time when thousands of Buddhas will descend on Earth. These enlightened consciousnesses, the true leaders of cosmic evolution, will be born to initiate peace and harmony on Earth. They will bring knowledge and spiritual revelations. The era of goodness and prosperity of spirituality will come with the birth of such sages on Earth.

Children of the Harmony cycle are sitting on lotuses. This beloved in the East symbol of spiritual enlightenment, was used by the masters of East and Southeast Asia. A lotus is a unique flower that grows from mud and dirt and blooms on the surface from a bud. The leaves of the flower have an amazing property – they never get dirty, they keep their purity. The sages of the East have always been inspired by a beautiful flower as a symbol of human spiritual development. After passing all the tests of the material world, leaving behind the dirt of passions, the consciousness of the sage, directed towards spiritual development, blossoms and reaches purity, moves to the spiritual level, where his higher talents and abilities are awakened.

The author succeeds in representing an exceptional state of inner concentration, appeasement, which is intensified by a gesture of balance and harmonization of energies. A child glows from within, radiating into the world a state of spirituality and peace. The eyelids of the eyes are closed, the joy of the inner soulful conversation with the higher world is expressed in the child’s smile, and the harmony and beauty of the image in general are transferred to the world of harmony.

The sculpture shows life in two worlds – spiritual and material at the same time. The state of the God-man, which will be possible in the future, is reached only through harmony – the balance of physical and spiritual nature in oneself.