Francis Bacon. 2015

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Шамот
Location: КОЦ "ЭТНОМИР"

“Human mind is greedy. It can neither stop, nor be alone, but it runs further.”



english philosopher, historian, politician, founder of empiricism.


The basic theory of F. Bacon is empiricism; its essence is that exclusively experience lies on the basis of knowledge. More accumulated theoretical and practical experience (personal or experience of humanity) allow coming closer to true knowledge. True knowledge, according to Bacon, cannot be a goal in itself. The main tasks of knowledge and experience are to help people achieve practical results in their activities, promote new inventions, develop the economy, increase human power over nature. In this regard, Bacon put forward an aphorism, which concisely expressed all his philosophical credo: “Knowledge is power.”

His works are the basis and popularization of the inductive methodology of scientific research, often called the Baconian method. Induction gains knowledge from the world through experiment, observation and testing of hypotheses. Highlighting this method of knowledge to the forefront has put him on a par with the most important representatives of the scientific thought of the New Age.

Bacon created a two-letter cipher, now called Bacon’s cipher. This is a method of hiding a secret message that allows transmitting it in plain text so that no one knows about these messages. The cipher is based on the binary encoding of the alphabet with the symbols “A” and “B”, which can be compared with “0” and “1”. Then the secret message is “hidden” in the clear text using one of the methods of hiding messages.

WORKS “Esses”, “The Advancement of Learning”, “New Organon”, “New Atlantida”.