Helena Roerich. 2018

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Шамот
Location: Частное собрание

“Helena Roerich”. 2018, fireclay.

For the evolution of our planet, the works of Helena I. Roerich (1879-1955), philosopher, writer, collaborator of the Great Teachers of the East, are of great importance and cosmic scale. Elena Ivanovna passed on to humanity the Secret Teaching of the East, the synthesis of the spiritual heritage of previous centuries – the Teachings of Living Ethics. She became an example of devoted service to the ideals of humanity, the embodiment of an expanded and refined consciousness, the awakening of the fires of the heart: love, mercy, courage.

“They will ask:” How to cross life? ”

Answer: “Like an abyss on a string –

Beautifully, carefully and swiftly. ”

(Teachings of Living Etiti. Leaves of the Garden of Moria. Book one. The Call).