Helena Blavatsky

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: ETNOMIR Cultural Education Center

“We are surrounded on all sides by the ocean of universal science–the science of life eternal–bringing in its waters the buried and long forgotten treasures of vanished generations, treasures still unknown to the modern civilized races”.


Philosopher of the theosophical course, writer, publicist, occultist, founder of the Theosophical Society. Years of life 1831-1891.

The Theosophy of E. Blavatsky reveals a single basis of archaic truths, points man to his place in the universe, affirms belief in the universal divine principle – the Absolute. She considered as the most important the purification of souls, the alleviation of suffering, moral ideals, the observance of the principle of the Brotherhood of humanity. Blavatsky called herself the conductor of the Higher Forces, the keeper of the secret knowledge of the Masters, the Mahatmas, from whom she received the theosophical truths.

Elena Blavatsky created a spiritual movement that had a great influence on the consciousness of humanity. The task of the Theosophical Society is the unity of mankind, regardless of race and religious beliefs, the desire for knowledge of the true nature of man and the Cosmos. She made public the secret teachings, presenting in her writings a religious-philosophical synthesis of all ages and peoples. The colossal amount of knowledge described by her on the basis of ancient manuscripts gave impetus to many researchers.

WORKS “From the caves and jungles of Hindostan”, “The People of the Blue Mountains”, “Isis Unveiled”, “The Secret Doctrine”” (1884-1891).