Giordano Bruno

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: "ETNOMIR" Cultural Education Center

“Science is the best way to make the human spirit heroic” .



The great Italian scientist, philosopher, poet, ardent supporter and propagandist of the teachings of Copernicus


The ideas of Giordano Bruno were centuries ahead of his time. He was the first to state a series of guesswork truths: the absence of material celestial spheres, the infinity of the universe, the stars — distant solar systems, comets — celestial bodies. Bruno rejected medieval ideas about the opposition between Earth and sky, claiming the physical homogeneity of the world. He suggested the possibility of life on other planets.

The Neo-Platonist ideas of a single beginning and the universal soul as the driving principle of the universe dominate in the philosophy of Bruno. He believed that the goal of philosophy is to discover not a supernatural God, but nature, which is “a god in all things.” Bruno deserves the name of the predecessor, if not the founder of modern science and philosophy.

WORKS “The Candle-Bearer” comedy, “On The Ark of Noah” poem, “Cause, Principle and Unity: And Essays on Magic”, “On the Infinite, the Universe and the Worlds: Five Cosmological Dialogues”, “The Cabala of Pegasus”, “On the Monad, Number, and Figure”.