Virgo Zodiac Signs. 2020, shamote

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: shamote
Location: Частное собрание

The sculptural composition represents one of the works of the “Zodiac Signs” cycle and illustrates an ancient Buddhist legend about the promised time when a thousand Buddhas will descend on Earth. These enlightened consciousnesses, the true guides of cosmic evolution, are born to establish peace and harmony on Earth, to bring knowledge and spiritual revelations.

The Virgo girl sits in the lotus position fully concentrated and balances her inner energies with a hand gesture. For representatives of the Sign, one of the main tasks of life is the need to establish a balance between spiritual and material, between body and mind, between personal and social needs. It is in such a harmonized state that Virgos will be able to bring the necessary energies of their Constellation into the world through selfless service to people. For this, Virgos are endowed with a strong will and a wide range of talents. They are not only smart and clever, but also deep-thinking and artistic. In addition, Virgo is a natural healer and is always ready to help, heal, save and comfort. In Ancient Greece, the Virgin was associated with Persephone – the goddess of fertility, motherhood, transformation, the realm of the dead. According to the legend, the goddess sacrificed herself so that life would be restored on Earth and nature could give birth again. It is in this Sign that the energy of service, care and self-sacrifice for the happiness of others is expressed. Hence the main character trait of Virgos is self-sacrifice.

The law-abiding Virgin is an example in the fulfillment of rules and orders not only in earthly instances, but also in following the Heavenly Law. The life credo of Virgos is the constant accumulation of spiritual and material values for the sake of confidence in the future. Although it is extremely difficult for Virgos to express their feelings, they are an example of loyalty, reliability, devotion, diligence and accuracy.