Gift of Orion. 2005

Author: Алексей Леонов
Material: shamote
Location: Private collection

The sculptural composition depicts the Teacher solemnly and majestically carrying the casket. Appeasement and inner worship before the sage’s shrine testifies to the fact that he holds in his hands the embodiment of Cosmic Beauty, an unprecedented power, a creative force that directs world processes in an evolutionary movement. The sculpture was created on the basis of Nikolai Roerich’s painting “The Burning of Darkness” from 1924.

“Let’s remember all the stories of all centuries and peoples about Holy people. He who speaks does not even know who he is talking about, about Christians, about Buddhists, about Muslims, about Confucians … He knows only about the good, about the feat of Holy people. They, these Saints, shine with an unearthly light, they fly, they hear for six months of travel; they selflessly share their last possessions, dispel darkness and tirelessly do good in all their ways.” M.K. Roerich “Fortress of Flame”.
There is a legend about a wandering Stone that appears from age to age in the hands of the chosen ones to literally create history – to contribute to the cultural flourishing of any country, process, cause.

The image of a mysterious stone carrying mystical power runs through the entire history of Europe and the countries of the East. Even in the secret stories about Atlantis, there is a mention of a certain stone – a messenger of heaven, which contains heavenly fire, whose power is able to protect and lead entire countries and peoples to a better life. In the literary and philosophical works of Elena Ivanovna and Mykola Roerichiv, it is said that the Stone – the source of unknown power was sent to Earth by a highly developed civilization of the three main stars from the Orion constellation. Where the Stone fell from the sky, and the center of the Higher Mind was founded on our planet – Shambhala. As the texts of the Living Ethics say, the Stone sent from Orion is a teraphim – that is the name given to objects with psychic energy layered on them, which gives their owners unusual opportunities and protection from hostile forces. The main part of this Stone is stored in Shambhala, in the Chung Tower, helping to maintain the spiritual-energetic connection with the Orion constellation, and the fragment of the sacred Stone is kept by the teacher Jason in a special box. It was Jason who was depicted by the sculptor Oleksiy Leonov in his work “Gift of Orion”.

“A fragment of it is sent to the World to accompany world events and with its internal magnetic force keeps in touch with Shambhala, where the main Stone is kept. The principle of a simple magnet. Not only a symbol, but also bodily affinity holds a tense wire. Through this wire, it is easy to protect the called. “. (O.I. Roerich. At the threshold of the New World. Moscow: Moscow State University, 1994. p. 60).