King Solomon. 2010

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: ETNOMIR Cultural Education Center

“Heart and mind two incompatible parts of one inseparable whole.

The mind must remain cold, but the heart must be hot.

Keep your mind clear when your heart is burning –

and you will be doing acts that you could not even think about before.”

 Solomon – wise legendary governor, philosopher of the united kingdom of Israel (about 1011 BC – 931 BC)

King Solomon expressed his wisdom not only in actions, but also in parables. The “Creator of Parables” expounded thoughts on God, His properties, His world-management and celestial wisdom. Solomon formed the rules of practical wisdom in moral, social, family, labor and economic life through the parables “the wisest of kings.

During his 40 years reign, Solomon became famous as the wisest and passionless governor in the whole world. King Solomon was a good diplomat, constructor and merchant.

Solomon turned the agricultural country into a strong, economically developed state that had a great influence in the international arena. He reconstructed and strengthened Jerusalem, built a merchant navy, developed crafts and strongly supported trade with other countries. Solomon built the main sanctity of Judaism – the Jerusalem temple on Mount Zion.

Book of Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Book of Proverbs.