Capricorn. 2020.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection

The sculptural composition is one of the works of the cycle Signs of the Zodiac, representing small Bodhisattvas who rise in a meditative state in the lotus position above their symbolic sign. According to the spiritual teachings of the East, the current era is characterized by the arrival of a thousand Buddhas – enlightened consciousnesses – into the world. “Buddha” literally means: “awakened” or “enlightened”, that is, one who has completely purified his essence and discovered the extraordinary possibilities of the spiritual nature of the God-man.

The Capricorn boy sits in the lotus position in complete concentration. The inspired, concentrated face of the Bodhisattva  indicates a deep immersion in the world of Spirit. The intense thinking activity of the boy with all responsibility creates whole worlds around. Humanity is only beginning to realize the great creative or destructive power of thoughts. Consciousness cleansed of selfish aspirations by the power of thinking about the common good can contribute to the realization of this good in the world. The author depicted Capricorn in the sculpture in the process of creativity with the efforts of pure thought.

The Capricorn zodiac sign expresses a new turn in the development of consciousness. In nature, this is the period when Light finally defeats darkness and the daylight hours increase. Those born under this sign, accustomed to difficulties that only harden them, personify the rock: true masters of their destiny, at the cost of extraordinary efforts, they are able to achieve even the most difficult goals. Capricorns are from the cohort of those people who perceive hard work as happiness, so they achieve great mastery in their chosen affairs.

In the cosmic sense, this is a Sign that tests the spirit for maturity. Born in the period of Capricorn are not random people at all, but those who are really ready to confidently go to the top of spiritual discoveries. A strong sense of duty, willpower, perseverance, maximum responsibility, and objectivity will help Capricorns complete extremely difficult tasks of a comic scale.