Gemini. 2021, fireclay

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: shamote
Location: Частное собрание

A Gemini boy with an open hand gesture rises above his zodiac sign. The calm, reconciled expression of the face with the deep self-absorbed look of the sage and the meditative lotus pose indicate that before us is a small Bodhisattva. According to Buddhist legend, a thousand blessed Buddhas have already begun to be born on Earth in our time. These enlightened minds – Bodhisattvas – the real leaders of cosmic evolution come to establish peace and harmony on Earth, for knowledge and spiritual revelations. With their activity, Satya Yuga will come – an era of Light with an active development of spirituality.
The sculpture symbolically expresses the essence of the most democratic Zodiac sign open to people. Geminis are always easy to communicate with, because they internally accept and understand everyone, are ready to work with everyone, deeply recognizing that everyone has equal rights. Representatives of the Sign easily combine dreaminess and fantasy with practicality and reality. The Gemini constellation radiates such a power of active energy exchange that everyone born under the sign is quite dynamic. This power enables them to fulfill their task – to unite people, events, and knowledge into a single entity. Gemini is best at building relationships. It is believed that it was in the age of Gemini that humanity entered the period when the androgynous species was divided into two halves – male and female. Therefore, a man and a woman became the symbol of the Sign. The energy of the Twins directs them to find their second half.
As a sign ruled by Mercury, an active planet of intellectual development and communication, Gemini simply lives by exchanging information and active movement. An original way of thinking, charisma, friendliness, good intuition will help Gemini to fulfill their evolutionary task — to combine the high divine with the simple earthly, deeply master knowledge, synthesize it and enrich the world with unusual ideas.