Archangel Michael with the Heavenly Host. 2018

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Шамот
Location: Частное собрание


Archangel Michael – the Supreme military leader – the heavenly archangel of the warriors of light, stands on a sacred watch, protecting the world and humanity from evil. The very name of the Archangel means: “equal to God”, revealing the essence of the Creator’s closest helper. According to the Apocalypse, it is the Archangel Michael who is destined to victoriously lead the heavenly army in the last battle with Satan. Archangel Michael is hourly struggling with the darkness, explicit and latent.

“… It is the Great Archangels who are those Seven Kumaras … who came from the Higher Worlds and made the greatest sacrifice in that They incarnated as the great Founders of Religions and Kingdoms, Philosophies, etc. at all turning points in the history of the planet, in order to help and accelerate the evolution of mankind … It is Archangel Michael – One of Them – who is now guarding the fate of our planet. The last battle with the Prince of this World is commanded to him (the Bible also testifies to this) ”. (Letters from Helena Roerich. 1929-1938. In 2 volumes. Volume 1).