Archangel Michael. Apocalypse. 2006. Chamotte.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection
Size: 80 х 49 х 44

The Chief Angel, the leader of the holy army of Angels and Archangels, the commander-in-chief of the God’s army.

Archangel Michael – heavenly archistratig (from the Greek. “Supreme military leader”) leads the soldiers of Light, protects the Earth from evil, keeps defenses against dark forces and does not give the slightest opportunity to the dark ones to seize power over the world and people.

Archstrategist Michael is one of God’s closest helpers. In Hebrew, his name means “equal to God.”

In the Apocalypse, he is the leader of the heavenly army in the last decisive battle with satan. He has always fought and continues to fight daily against evil forces.

The sculpture depicts the moment when the Archstrategist was called for a decisive battle. His whole figure is vigorous, tense and directed upwards with a shield of light – as a call to the realization of the Higher Law. A determined face expresses unshakable faith in victory. Archstrategist Michael rises above the earth and with his sword cleanses the planet of evil and darkness.

In the Christian tradition, it is customary to turn to Archangel Michael and ask for help in the most important matters that require special protection and patronage: “Archangel Michael! Help us and liberate us from all the tricks of the enemy of the human race, from the great evil, flattery of demons, diabolical error and demonic possession. Protect us, don’t let the evil enemy touch us and harm us and our souls. Saint Archangel Michael of God, with your lightning sword turn away from us all the unclean spirits that tempt us. Amen!”.