АПОЛЛОНИЙ ТИАНСКИЙ. :ua]Аполлоній Тіанський. 2014.

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Chamotte
Location: "ETNOMIR" Cultural Education Center

“Pythagoras said that medicine is the most godlike of arts. But if the most godlike, it should tend to the soul as well as the body, or else a living thing must be unhealthy, being diseased in its higher part.”


1 – 98 CE

Neopythagorean philosopher

Apollonius was an ardent Pythagorean. In compliance with the principles of this school, he remained a vegetarian all his life, did not drink wine, wore clothes of plant origin. The dedication received from the priests of the Aesculapius temple in Aegeae, learned the “miracles” of healing. Apollonius was the enemy of any demonstration of the ostentatious pomp of religious ceremonies. He followed the moral instructions of Pythagoras primarily in the practice of his life, by this he fearlessly appealed to the moral sense of his contemporaries and pointed out the superiority of the human spirit over the flesh.

At the end of his life, Apollonius opened an esoteric school in Ephesus. “Apollonius, a contemporary of Jesus of Nazareth, was, like him, an enthusiastic founder of a new theological school. Perhaps less metaphysical and more practical than Jesus, less gentle and perfect by nature, he nevertheless instilled the same quintessence of spirituality and the same high moral truths”. (Helena Blavatsky, “Isis Unveiled”).