Akbar the Great. 2009

Author: Alexey Leonov
Material: Shamotte
Location: Private collection

Jalal ad-Din – the government of the XVI century, the sage and “the generous patron of poets” was the unifier of the country, showed a keen interest in all religions, recognized and honored the single source of all beliefs – truth. During the life of Jalal-ad-Din, the people began to call “Akbar”, which in translation from Arabic means: “The greatest.”

Visible invisible

The court historian of Akbar once said to the Governor: “I observe an insoluble phenomenon among the governors. Some of the Lords kept themselves inaccessible, away from the people, they were overthrown because they were useless. Others entered the life of every day, got used to them and overthrew them for being ordinary. ”

Akbar smiled: “So the Ruler must remain invisible, entering and directing all actions.”